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Setup your iOS device using the Exchange email configuration. This process requires ActiveSync meaning you need a Zimbra Business Premium mailbox, Zimbra Personal Premium mailbox, Personal Zimbra mailbox with Zimbra ActiveSync mailbox, or Zimbra Consumer Edition with ActiveSync mailbox.

Some customers with iOS devices may have better luck using the Exchange configuration option found under "Passwords & Accounts" in the device Settings.

Using the ActiveSync protocol means the mail application will use push or actively update data from the mail system to the user device. It may add a nominal amount of battery drain but most are willing to have very minor impact on battery life in exchange for the optimized experience.

Configuring iOS device with Exchange

  • Open iOS device Settings
  • Paswords & Accounts
  • Select Add Account
  • Select Exchange option
  • Email: Enter full email address here
    • Description: Whatever customer wants here. (Something like "My ISP email")
    • Select Next in top right of screen
  • Pop-up will ask: "Sign into your "isp.tld" Exchange account using Microsoft?"
    • Available options: Configure Manually or Sign In Please select Configure Manually
    • Password: (enter mailbox password here)
  • It will now Verify the user/pass credentials
  • When correct credentials entered displays Mail with a green slider to show it is active.
    • User may choose to sync Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders.
    • When adding these other features (slide to green) it will ask what to do with existing local Contacts, Calendars, Reminders on the iOS device.
    • Keep on My iPhone or Delete (Customer choice, we prefer Keep on iPhone unless there is a very recent backup available to restore from)
    • Save - Save the new settings
  • Adding Account will show on the screen then return user to Passwords & Accounts screen
  • Exit settings
  • Check email and any other data sets that were configured during the setup.

Notes: - Depending on size of message quota on the server it can take some amount of time for message to populate onto the device mail application. Contacts and Calendars may also take time to populate. - This process will not sync shared items in mail, calendars, or contacts. It will only sync your primary mail folder, "Contacts" folder, and "Calendar" which is often your personal or default calendar. This is due to Apple programming.