Cisco 678 Bridged

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These instructions are intended for advanced users only. These instructions are for putting your DSL modem into bridged mode (When using another device for authentication via PPPoE, such as a single computer, a firewall or other router). Please note, that while we are providing these instructions on how to put your modem into bridged mode, we cannot provide any support for devices plugged into the modem after it's put into bridged mode. Please contact your hardware manufacturer for assistance on setting username/password inside that device.

Connect to your modem via the serial cable. The following will wipe your current running configuration.

enter enable mode by typing en and hitting enter. Then type the following commands, hitting enter following each command.

set nvram erase



(wait for modem to reboot before continuing)

set bri rfc en

set int wan0-0 disabled

set int wan0-0 vpi 0

set int wan0-0 vci 32

set int wan0-0 enabled