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Setting Domain Privacy

If you have purchased a domain though you have the ability to edit the privacy of your domain and set domain locking. The instructions provided below will guide you through that process.

  • After you have logged into your account at, Choose Registered Domains under the Domain Header

Domain locking-1.png

  • Next choose the domain you wish to edit

Domain locking-2.png

Registrar Lock

  • If your domain is not locked it will be indicated by Off next to Registrar Lock. To lock your domain from changes being made follow these instructions.

  • Choose Set Registrar Lock in the Domain Info section

Domains registrar lock-1.png

  • Once you choose Set Registrar Lock the screen will update letting you know it was successful.

Domains registrar lock-2.png

Setting Domain Privacy

  • If you would like to set the privacy of your domain to private follow these instructions. NOTE: there is currently a $5.00 charge for this service

  • Choose Upgrade Resource Limits

Domain privacy-1.png

  • Next under New Limit in the drop down choose On and then click Next

Domain privacy-2.png

  • The next page will update you about the $5.00 charge - listed under Unit Price if you agree to these terms choose Place Order

Domain privacy-3.png