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XMission Zimbra customers, resellers, and white label partners can add their brand to the Zimbra webmail login screen and webmail interface.


  • Customer must have SSL certificate specific to the mail domain (e.g., mail.customerdomain.tld)
  • Customer must have MX records pointed to XMission (
  • Requires purchase of a Static IP address to be configured on XMission Zimbra cluster
  • Customer provides logos (See details below.)
  • Customer allowed to specify web interface default theme for their mail domain

Logo Sizes and Format:

  • Login screen: 300 x 48 pixels in .png format
  • Webmail interface: 200 x 28 pixels in .png format

Notes about logo use:

We find that 300 x 30 pixels works best for the login screen.

It is not possible to have a single version of your logo that will work with all default Zimbra themes.

Make use of png transparency for the empty space around your logo. Do not try to match a background theme color.

Vector images work best but we can work with most file types.

Configuration takes 3-10 business days

SSL CSR Generation:

To generate a CSR to secure your SSL certificate for use with XMission's Zimbra server please provide the following:

  • Country Name (2 letter code) [US]: US
  • State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]:
  • Locality Name (eg, city):
  • Organization Name (eg, company):
  • Organizational Unit Name (eg, section):
  • Common Name (e.g. server FQDN or YOUR name / mail.domain.tld):
  • Email Address (e.g. admin@example.tld):

This information should be provided to your XMission representative.

Existing SSL certificates can be utilized on the XMission servers.

- To use an existing SSL certificate you need to provide us with a copy of your cert as well as with your private key (only share such data using If you are not comfortable with this, which we would understand, then we need to follow the steps above to provision a new CSR for use with your domain on our system.


  • Static IP is $5 monthly
  • Configuration and set-up is $100.00. (Fee waived for customers with 100+ Premium accounts.)

Order Branded Email:

To order this feature please speak with your sales representative or email with the request.

Test Your Branding

Once your Zimbra Virtual Host is configured it will have a dedicated IP address that your sales agent or XMission technical agent will provide.

You can test it by changing your host file on your local machine and add an entry for your mail domain to the dedicated IP provided by XMission. Then in your browser when you go to your mail gateway address by domain it will show the XMission server branded with your logo. When you log in via this method you can use full email address or simply the first part of the email account, "mailbox" for "". For continuity we suggest using the full email address every time.

How to edit hosts file:

This allows you to test the transition before making it final.

It is critical that you remember to remove the host file entry once MX is properly updated to point to XMission servers.

Note: The branded and/or white label option allows your to login to their mailboxes via the branded experience or by using XMission Zimbra login screen, Mailboxes authenticate with full username ( and existing password. Logging in through our standard Zimbra portal will not have your logos on the screens.

FAQ - Zimbra White Label, Reseller, and Infrastructure Services

Additional technical documentation and service outline here: Zimbra FAQ - White Label