DSL Cisco 67x Password Change

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We recommend you update your Cisco firmware to provide the maximum amount of security. Read more about Upgrading Ciscos.

You will need connect the management serial cable that came with your Cisco. It will need to be connected to the MGMT port on the back of the Cisco and a serial port on your computer. You will then need to connect to the Cisco with terminal software (e.g: Hyperterm, ZTerm, Minicomm, Telix). The speed the terminal software will communicate with the Cisco will be either 9600 or 38400, no software or hardware handshaking.

  1. At the Password prompt enter your routers exec password.
  2. Type "enable" and press the Enter key.
  3. Enter your enable password.
  4. Type set ppp wan0-0 password followed by a space and then your new password.
  5. Enter write.
  6. Enter reboot.