DSL Intel PRO Modem

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  1. Install the Intel 2100 Pro/DSL Modem per the instruction booklet.
  2. Launch the Setup.exe program from the install CD (if it does not AutoRun).
  3. Select Point to Point. The CD will install PPP specific drivers and may reboot your computer.
  4. Follow the setup wizard.
    • ISP Name: XMission
    • Support Phone Number: 801-539-0852 or 877-964-7746
    • IP Address Settings: Server Assigned IP Address (Dynamic)
    • Name Server Information: Specify Address (Static)
    • Primary DNS address:
    • Secondary DNS address:
  5. In the Finished window, check the Run the DSL Diagnostic Tests Now box.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. In the Connect To window, enter your XMission username and password in the appropriate fields.

For Intel 2200 and 3200 Only

In the field labeled Phone Number, enter 0,32

For Intel 2100 Only

In the field labeled Phone Number, enter 1,1