General Settings for all XMission Connections

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Name Servers

  • Domain Name Server (primary): IPv4 IPv6 2607:fa18::1
  • Domain Name Server (secondary): IPv4 IPv6 2607:fa18::2

Web Proxies

  • Standard Proxy (port 8080) (automatic configuration script)
  • Ad-blocking proxy (port 8081) (automatic configuration script)
  • Content filter (port 8083) (automatic configuration script)
  • Socks5 Proxy (port 1080)


  • News Server:
  • NNTP Port: 119
  • NNTPS SSL Encrypted Port: 563
  • SMTP Mail Relay:
  • Port: 25

Main Dialup Numbers

In the User name field enter your XMission username as (you must include

  • replace user with your XMission account name.

Dialup Access Numbers