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1. Press the Ip1.jpg home button, tap on the Ip2.jpg Settings icon and then tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

Ios3-home.png IOS6-mailcontactscals.png

2. Tap Add Account. Then under the Add Account menu, tap Microsoft Exchange.

IOS6-addaccount.png IOS6-add-exchange.png

3. Type in your account information as shown below. You can optionally change the Description to whatever you would like. It will only show up in the settings menu and in the mail app if you have multiple email accounts set up on the phone. When you're done, tap Next and the phone will verify your account.


4. You'll now be asked to fill in the server settings. Enter them in as show below. Again, You can optionally change the Description to whatever you would like. Tap on Save when done.


5. The device will verify your account one more time. After the information is checked you will be asked to confirm services to sync; Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders. Hit "Save" and you will be brought back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar screen where your email account should now be displayed.

NOTE: Any XMission Zimbra Premium customers with more than 3 Calendars should use [CalDAV] for proper calendar syncing. The iOS Exchange interface supports limited personal and shared calendars. CalDAV is awesome.


6. You should be able to send and receive email now. Enjoy!

  • Sometimes shared calendars configured via CalDAV won't show up on mobile devices. If you run into this situation here is an Easy fix