Important Information Regarding 911 Calls

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Important information regarding your XMission Voice service and 911 availibility

You may not have access to emergency service if; you experience a home power outage and don't have a battery backup; if your XMission Internet service is interrupted or disconnected; if you move to a new address without notifying XMission. You must contact XMission prior to moving to a new address to ensure that your e911 service will continue to work correctly.

What does this mean?

1. Power backup - Your XMission Voice service is not powered through a central office like traditional phone service is. Meaning that power is supplied from your own home's power outlets. When you lose power, the telephone adapter, along with the router and telephone adapter also loses power. You will be unable to use your service until power is restored by the utility company, or, an alternate means of power (such as a generator or battery backup system) is enabled. XMission strongly suggests that a battery backup system is considered when using our voice service, or that you have access to a cellular phone as an alternative means of contact in case of a power loss.

2. Service interruption or disconnection - When your service is interrupted or disconnected, usually due to non-payment or invalid billing information, your voice service may also be disconnected. Please contact XMission to ensure that you have current billing information on file with us, and always check your account balance at

3. Moving to a different address - When you dial 911 from any phone, the 911 call center pulls your address information up from a database, so that they are able to quickly dispatch services when needed. Voice over IP (VoIP) allows customers the freedom to subscribe to service from one address, and take their telephone adapter to another address. You seemingly retain service without having to contact the telephone company for a change of address (XMission does not recommend removing the telephone adapter once it is installed unless you are a DSL customer and you are moving to a new location, since we can only provide support to the location where it was installed). However, if emergency services are ever needed and the 911 operator has your old address on file, this will delay the emergency call for help and the 911 dispatcher will need to retrieve the correct information from the person on the other line. This may take only a few seconds, but those few seconds could mean the difference between life or death! On the day that you move to a new address, contact XMission to update your physical address in our systems.