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This guide applies to XMission Voice customers. Business customers, please contact your account manager for more information.

XMission Voice International Calling Information

Dialing internationally

To call internationally, simply pick up the phone and dial these numbers as you would any local number:

011 [country code] [phone number]

011 Tells our system that you are about to place a call to another country.

[country code] The 2 or 3 digit code of the country you are calling (see our rates below, or consult any international code chart)

[phone number] The number inside that country you are dialing. This may look very different from phone numbers in the states, and may be longer.

For example, the speaking clock in Berlin is +49 30 2 555 7. You would dial:

011 49 30 2 555 7 without pauses.

Due to distance, connecting through various switches and some countries relaying calls through satellites, some international calls may take slightly longer to connect, than normal long distance calls. This is completely normal, yet we have no control over how long an international call takes to connect. If you are calling internationally for the first time, please be aware that alerts that you are used to such as the ringing sound, busy tone and others, may not sound similar to those used in the US and Canada.

International calling is a feature that should be enabled on all XMission Voice lines by default. However, if you find that this is not the case, or you would like to block international calling from your line, please contact our Technical Support line to have this feature switched for you.

International Calling Rates

Listed are rates for the most frequent dialed countries. For rates to other countries, please contact our Technical Support line.

These rates may frequently change. They are valid as of August 2020

Country	        Code		Retail in Dollars

Puerto Rico                     0.03

Hawaii                          0.06
United Kingdom	44		0.05

Canada			        0.05

Mexico                          0.05

South Africa	27		0.33

Netherlands	31		0.08

France	        33		0.08

Spain	        34		0.08

Portugal	351		0.08

Ireland	        353		0.08

Hungary	        36		0.15

Italy	        39		0.08

Switzerland	41		0.08

Czech Republic	420		0.20

Austria	        43		0.08

Denmark	        45		0.08

Sweden	        46		0.08

Norway	        47		0.08

Poland 	        48		0.10

Germany	        49		0.08

Greece          30              0.08

Peru	        51		0.25

Argentina	54		0.15

Brazil	        55		0.18

Chile	        56		0.10

Venezuela	58		0.10

Malaysia	60		0.10

Australia	61		0.10

Philippines	63		0.52

New Zealand	64		0.08

Russia	        7		0.18 (St Petersburg)

Japan	        81		0.10

Korea South	82		0.12

Hong Kong	852		0.10

China	        86		0.10

Taiwan	        886		0.08

India	        91		0.30

Jordan	        962		0.20

Israel	        972		0.08

IMPORTANT: Calls terminating on cell phones may cost significantly more. Specific cities within these countries may be a higher or lower rate than its base country code. Additional rates available upon request.