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Every domain requires a way to be found on the Internet, which is largely controlled by DNS (Domain Name Service).

If you've used the Internet, you've already used DNS. For every website you visit, you are actually visiting an IP address (e.g., But remembering an IP address for every website a person wants to visit would be very difficult. DNS essentially resolves easy to remember names into numbers. DNS is an important piece of the puzzle in getting your website up and running.

The first step in the process is registering the domain name you would like with a registrar. Through the registrar, you can identify which name servers are responsible for DNS. These name servers then have the authority to resolve your website. You can register a new domain with XMission or even transfer an existing domain to XMission at

If you've registered your domain name through XMission, and we are also hosting your website, you shouldn't need to update your name server information. By default, any domain name registered through XMission automatically points to our name servers.

If for any reason you want to update your name servers with us, simply log in to manage your domain at Be sure to log in with the credentials you originally used when registering your domain name.

If XMission is hosting your website but you registered your domain through another registrar, you may need to update the name server information to point towards XMission. This is typically a very simple process with most registrars. Although the interface with each of them may be slightly different, your name servers need to point to XMission's name servers as follows:

Client DNS Service

The majority of XMission's customers need only be concerned with client DNS service. The following servers are what you should use for any/all client configuration that asks for DNS servers. These servers are also available off our network for XMission customer use.

IPv6: 2607:fa18::1 2607:fa18::2

Authoritative DNS Service

Authoritative DNS service is what handles your domain name if you have domain based email or a website at XMission. If have registered your domain with XMission, you should review your registration to make sure it includes the server addresses below.

If you use XMission for secondary domain name services, please ensure that your DNS software is configured to permit access from all our authoritative nameservers on both an IPv4 and IPv6 basis. Also permit UDP/TCP port 53 from all our nameservers in your firewall. Failure to do so can trigger false alarms from your firewall. Although XMission provides multiple authoritative name servers, all sync with to maintain identical data.

  • IPv4 - IPv6 - 2607:FA18::11
  • IPv4 - IPv6 - 2607:FA18:0:A::A
  • IPv4 - IPv6 - 2001:560:4403:CA5C:ADED:BEEF:DEBA:C1E
  • IPv4 - IPv6 - 2001:1868:2003::7

Once you've updated your name servers to point towards XMission, you're all set. Please keep in mind DNS changes can take anywhere from 12-48 hours as DNS servers around the globe update.

Additional Information

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