Netscape 7 Setup

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  1. Open Netscape 7 Mail. Click the Edit menu at the top, then select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
  2. Winns701.png
  3. Click the Add Account button to begin setting up your XMission account.
  4. Winns702.png
  5. Select the Email Account option, then click Next
  6. Winns703.png
  7. Select POP for the incoming server option. In the spaces provided for Incoming Server and Outgoing Server type as shown in the picture below, then click Next.
  8. Winns704.png
  9. Enter your XMission user name, then click Next.
  10. Winns705.png
  11. Enter a name by which you will identify this account in Netscape, something like XMission Account or your email address is recommended, then click Next.
  12. Winns706.png
  13. Take a look at this page and verify that you havenít made any spelling errors or other typos, if everything looks correct, click Finish to complete the setup process.
  14. Winns707.png

You have successfully configured Netscape to check your XMission email account.