OpenTransport Setup

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OpenTransport/PPP Setup

  1. Click on the Apple menu, go to Control Panels, and select PPP.
  2. Select Registered User.
  3. In the field labeled Name:, enter your XMission username.
  4. In the field labeled Password:, enter your XMission password.
  5. In the Number: field, enter your local XMission access number.
  6. Click on Options.
  7. Macotppp1.png
  8. Select the Redialing tab.
  9. Select Redial main number only.
  10. Enter 50 in Redial ___ times..
  11. In the field next to Time between retries:, enter 5.
  12. Macotppp2.png
  13. Select the Connection tab.
  14. Check Use verbose logging.
  15. Macotppp3.png
  16. Select the Protocol tab.
  17. Beside Use protocol:, select PPP from the menu.
  18. Uncheck all options except Allow error correction and compression in modem..
  19. Click on OK.