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Archived article - Please update your mail client.

Windows Outlook Express was deprecated by Microsoft in 2008.

DISCLAIMER: All Archived pages are for documentation for products no longer supported by the developer. XMission will not be able to support issues regarding deprecated applications. We strongly recommend upgrading to a current version of this mail client that is well supported and compliant with modern email standards. The Zimbra webmail interface is always up to date and well supported. Please give it a try: https://zimbra.xmission.com

Seriously: Please don't put your business or personal data at risk any longer by using a non-supported mail application. Upgrade now.

How to move to IMAP with Outlook Express instead of using legacy POP3 practice.

Backup Outlook Express

Backup your Outlook Express data. Microsoft has lots of available articles on how to backup file. We are not responsible for lost data.

Disable POP3 account

Inside Outlook Express open the ‘Tools’ menu and click on ‘Accounts’. This shows a list of your email accounts.

Click on the account you want to disable and go to properties.

Uncheck 'Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing".

Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'

Create the IMAP account

Add the same account in Outlook Express but with IMAP settings.

Be sure to use correct ports and full email address as username. Always use SSL where available.

Moving emails from POP3 to IMAP

If the option to delete emails from server was initially chosen during POP account configuration, emails would have been deleted from the mail server as they were downloaded to the email client, so the newly configured IMAP account will not contain these emails. THOSE MESSAGES EXIST ONLY ON YOUR DEVICE. DO NOT DELETE THEM UNTIL YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BACKUP.

To avoid losing these emails during the switch from POP to IMAP, you must select the emails contained in the various folders (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk, Trash and Etc) on your legacy POP account, and then drag and drop them into the respective folders of your newly configured IMAP account.

You can also select all emails within a folder by pressing Control and A keys together or select multiple email messages by holding down the Control key and clicking on the emails you want to move. Then use the 'drag and drop' technique put them to the folders under new account.

Deleting the POP3 mailbox

After your existing emails have been moved from your POP account to their corresponding IMAP folders (and after ensuring that no emails are missing), you can delete the existing POP-configured account and its respective folders from your mail client. Then, continue using email through your new IMAP profile. However, as mentioned before, Outlook 2007 is no longer supported by the vendor. Please only use modern and secure email applications. You can always use https://zimbra.xmission.com to view your mail from any web browser.