PST to Zimbra Migration

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Use a windows install (win7-10) and install Outlook (2007-2013).

Add the Profile via the Mail app. You can get here by going to Control Panel -> search for "Mail". -> Click on "Mail 32/64bit".

Add Profile

Step 1 Profile Add1.PNG

Step 2 Profile Add2.PNG

Step 3 Profile Add3.PNG

Step 4 Profile Add4.PNG

Step 5 Profile Add5.PNG

I suggest that you get in contact with the provider for any additional settings you may need to configure in the "More Settings ..." Menus.

Export Mailbox

Open up Outlook, allow the account to fully download everything. We're going to export the mailbox to a .PST file.

For Outlook 2007, click on "File" Then click on "Import/Export".

Step 1 Outlook Export1.PNG

Step 2 Outlook Export2.PNG

Step 3 Outlook Export3.PNG

Step 4 Outlook Export4.PNG

Zimbra Migration Wizard

Once exported, open up the migration wizard. Here is a link to the download:

Once you have it installed, and have it open follow these steps to import the .pst file to Zimbra.

Step 1 Zimbra Wizard Step1.PNG

Step 2 Zimbra Wizard Step2.PNG

Step 3 Zimbra Wizard Step3.PNG

Step 4 Zimbra Wizard Step4.PNG

Click on "Migrate" and watch the magic happen. Once it finished check out the account and make sure the customer verifies everything looks correct. You can now remove the .pst and mail profile off your computer.