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! Important 
* This help page applies to most all NETGEAR Routers, please consult your routers manual to determine if the Nighthawk App is compatible with your model.
* All Gigabit NETGAR Routers should be supported on the XMission/UTOPIA Network. 
* Our testing is done in a business set up with high interference cause by; brick/metal walls, large electronic equipment and networking equipment. 
* Your interaction with this device or other NETGEAR products may differ than ours based on your home configuration and placement of the Router. 


  • Our in-house testing was completed on the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7800 model.
  • XMission has verified that this device supports internet speeds up to 1Gbps over Ethernet connections, wireless speeds averaged between 50-500Mbps.

The Nighthawk R7800 comes with many different features such as; Fast WiFi Boost, Dual Core 1.7GHz processor, Gigabit wired and Works with Amazon Alexa™ & the Google® Assistant

NightHawk App

Notice: NETGEAR encourages you to use the Nighthawk App however, you are able to use a computer to set up and manage your home network. In our example we uses the App.

Access your Smart Phone's App Store and search for the NETGEAR Nighthawk App or

 * iOS Apple devices
 * Android devices

Set-up App

The Nighthawk App allows you to set up and manage your WiFi Network. The following instructions will allow you to receive "Notifications", Set up and Manage your home network.

R7800T&C.jpeg R7800 Allow Notification.jpeg R7800 Allow Notification2.jpeg R7800 Location Services.jpeg R7800 Location Services2.jpeg
NETGEAR requires you to review and agree to some Terms and Conditions. Please review and if you agree please click "I Agree"
If you disagree with any of these items, please contact NETGEAR directly for additional assistance.
It is suggested to allow "Push Notifications" from the App. This will allow you to be notified of changes, updates and warnings from your home network. Tap on "Allow". For NETGEAR's automatic setup they want to know your GPS location and suggest to Allow the App to geo-locate you. We suggest clicking "Allow Once"


For recovery needs NETGEAR allows you to create a "cloud" account. This will allow you to manage your network from anywhere in the world, as well as if you forget the password to your router you can recover it easily. This process is highly recommend.

R7800 Netgear Account.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account2.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account3.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account4.jpeg
Click "Get Started" If you have not used a NETGEAR Product you will need to "Create Account", otherwise you can log into your existing account.
Our example show the Create Account process.
Please fill in the required fields, Name, Email Address and Password. Two-Step (2FA or Two Factor Authentication) is suggested by XMission. We suggest clicking "Yes. Enable"
R7800 Netgear Account5.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account7.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account6.jpeg R7800 Netgear Account8.jpeg
You can choose to have your two-step via Push Notificaton or SMS/Text Message We opted for push notification, press "Continue". You will need to set up your "trusted devices" by adding the smart device you are currently using. Please click "Approve" Once you've gotten the confirmation your device has been trusted, click "Continue". You will need to respond to a email to complete the account set up. Please make sure you verify the email sent to your Email Address.


R7800 Add Router.jpeg R7800 Add Router2.jpeg R7800 Add Router3.jpeg R7800 Add Router4.jpeg
Click "Yes" as we are setting up a new router for your home. Click "WiFi Router" There should be a product label on your router that contains a QR code, for quick set up please "Enable Camera and Scan" the QR code Allow the App access to your device camera.
R7800 Add Router5.jpeg R7800 Add Router6.jpeg R7800 Add Router7.jpeg R7800 Add Router8.jpeg
STOP: Please skip this process as the UTOPIA Gateway is not a modem and does not need to be rebooted. You will need to connect the provided Ethernet cable to GE1 on your UTOPIA Gateway and to the YELLOW port on the back of the router. The router should automatically detect the type of Internet connection you have with XMission. (Residential connections are defaulted DHCP or Plug-n-Play). The App will want to auto connect to the routers wireless broadcast, you will need to authorize the join by clicking "Join".
R7800 Add Router9.jpeg
NETGEAR will do a hardware check and ensure the appropriate cables are connected and the Internet connection works.

Personalize your WiFi

R7800 Personalize Router.jpeg R7800 Personalize Router2.jpeg R7800 Personalize Router3.jpeg
Personalizing your WiFi allows you to remember what your Wireless Name and Password is. You will be able to personalize your connection by clicking "Next" The WiFi Network Name (SSID) is the name that you'll find when trying to connect new devices to your home network. The Network Key is the passphrase used to connect those devices. The admin login will be the required login to manage the router and home network. This is a different log in than the above account.
R7800 Personalize Router4.jpeg R7800 Personalize Router5.jpeg R7800 Personalize Router6.jpeg
Please select and answer 2 security questions. The App will save and apply the changes to your WiFi Network. If everything is applied successfully your App should automatically detect the router.


R7800 Firmware.jpeg R7800 Firmware2.jpeg R7800 Firmware3.jpeg
Once your router is set up for the first time, you should be prompted to auto check for firmware updates Keeping your router up-to date on its firmware is the best way you can ensure you'll have the best wireless service available. Please click "Update" if prompted. After a reboot you should be notified of a successful update.

Wireless Optimizing

While XMission cannot guarantee advertised speeds over wireless Internet, there are things you can to to optimize your Wireless internet. This can help with getting better Wireless Speeds.

WiFi Analyzer

Wireless routers have quickly become an essential appliance in the modern home. Use of a Wifi Analyzer, to optimize your WiFi network may become required.

Depending on your home situation it is common that the wireless channel being used has become overcrowded. Using a wireless channel that is overcrowded can decreased bandwidth and/or connectivity issues for your network. Use Wifi Analyzer to see what channels are in use and to identify the best channel to set on your router.

Please visit our WiFi Analyzer page for assistance.


Common Troubleshooting

Speed Tests

Running speed tests are a great way to determine if you have a connectivity issue, however, there are a number of factors that can dramatically affect the results of your tests.

For help with speed tests please visit

  • It is not recommended to use the speed test function built into the router interface. This speed test function does not test a server with-in the northern region of Utah and will often produce slower results.
  • Please use XMission's Speed test or Ookla any other speed test service can not be verified.
  • For Window 10 and Mac users we strongly suggest installing the Ookla App to get the most accurate results.

Wireless Speeds

Please be aware that internet speeds are limited on wireless networking, XMission can not troubleshoot speed issues basied on wireless results alone. It will be required to have a device hardwired to your router using a Cat5e Ethernet Cable.

Common Wireless Speeds are:
* 2.4GHz typically only supports Wireless speeds of 10-75Mbps.
* 5GHz typically supports wireless speeds of 10-600/1000Mbps. 
5GHz Wireless Connections
NETGEAR Speed.jpeg
Tested with-in 30ft of router on mobile device
NETGEAR Speed2.jpeg
Tested with-in 50ft of router on mobile device
NETGEAR Speed3.png
Tested with-in 30ft of router on a computer
2.4GHz Wireless Connections
NETGEAR Speed4.jpeg
Tested with-in 30ft of router on mobile device
NETGEAR Speed5.jpeg
Tested with-in 50ft of router on mobile device
NETGEAR Speed6.png
Tested with-in 30ft of router on a computer

NOTE: These results are with a single device connected to the router. Results will very depending on device usage with-in your home network.