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Items that may actually be clicked on (keywords: 'click', 'select'), and items that precede items to be selected or typed in (keywords: 'where it says "blah", type') should be wrapped in

<span class="button"></span>

Items that users may type in should be wrapped in


Examples, such as filenames, usernames, and areas or subsections of a display should be wrapped in

'' ''

Toggles or checkboxes should be wrapped in

''' '''

Items such as web addresses that are presented for example, but are not actual destinations should be wrapped in


Brief asides such as notes to users should be wrapped in

<div class="messagebox metadata"></div>

Such notes should have the word 'Note' presented in bold with a colon and a space



All headers are properly denoted All pages have at least one category

All images have been stripped of their
<img src=" " />