Ten Digit Dialing Announcement

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Update Your Phone Numbers to 10 Digits

Effective as of March 1st, you must include the area code when dialing local numbers so please update your XMission dial-up settings immediately.

IMPORTANT: XMission dial-up calls will also require the area code.

What is ten digit dialing?

Simply add the area code to all local numbers (e.g., 801-990-0900).

When is the deadline?

Starting March 1st, only local calls which include the area code will work. This includes XMission's dial-up connections, so please update your settings NOW.

Why is this happening?

In order to provide more phone numbers, a new "385" area code is being added.

What exactly do I need to do?

If you have an XMission dial-up account, it is likely only setup with seven digits. You will need to reconfigure your computer to include the area code.

Visit our Ten Digit Dialing help page for directions on how to make this change.

Visit our Dial-up Numbers page for a list of numbers by location.

For more information

If you have questions about configuring your dial-up connection for ten digit dialing, you can contact XMission support at (801) 539-0852 (in metropolitan Salt Lake) or toll free (877) 964-7746.

For additional details, visit the Utah PSC website