Upgrading Zimbra from Open Source Edition to Network Edition

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This document is intended for customers who have or will be purchasing Zimbra licensing from XMission for their own mail server. This article does not apply to those with XMission hosted Zimbra Collaboration.

To upgrade from Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition to the Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition, you perform a standard upgrade install but use the Network Edition installation packages.


Zimbra Collaboration Server download links for the Open Source Edition (OSE) and Network Edition (NE) packages:

License File

The license file is absolutely critical to any upgrade, including OSE to the Network Edition 60-day trial version or a paid version of Network Edition.

You MUST have the valid ZCS license file present on the server. The location isn't important, as you'll be telling the install script where it's located (though make sure it's secure from any other users that may share the system).

It is our experience that upgrading to 60-day trial version isn't a great idea unless you know your purchasing funds are readily available and you will be purchasing within the next three to six weeks. Acquiring a full version key takes approximately two business days. The trial expires at 60 days and you will have no mail until the licensing is secured.

Contact zimbrasales@xmission.com to order your key.


Install with:

install.sh -l /path/to/file/ZCSLicense.xml

You can also add "--skip-activation-check" if you get issues related to activation to force the installer to proceed (though this may indicate you have issues of some sort).

Always Have a Backup


Please note, with Zimbra OSE, there is no built-in way to perform a backup. Reference these guides if you don't already have a backup solution: https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Open_Source_Edition_Backup_Procedure

Ensure It's An Upgrade

If you have the Zimbra system packages installed, the installer will detect them and be in "upgrade" mode and ask you if you wish to upgrade. If you do NOT see the upgrade text, do not continue, as you may break your current Zimbra install.

You will see something like this when first starting the installer:

Checking for existing installation...
    zimbra-ldap...FOUND zimbra-ldap-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-logger...FOUND zimbra-logger-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-mta...FOUND zimbra-mta-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-snmp...FOUND zimbra-snmp-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-store...FOUND zimbra-store-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-apache...FOUND zimbra-apache-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-spell...FOUND zimbra-spell-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
    zimbra-convertd...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-memcached...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-proxy...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-archiving...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-cluster...NOT FOUND
    zimbra-core...FOUND zimbra-core-8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64
ZCS upgrade from 8.0.7 to 8.0.7 will be performed.

After the license checks and such, you'll eventually get to this:

The Zimbra Collaboration Server appears already to be installed.
It can be upgraded with no effect on existing accounts,
or the current installation can be completely removed prior
to installation for a clean install.

Do you wish to upgrade? [Y]

SMTP Feed - External Spam and Virus Filtering With Mail Spooling

If you need an SMTP feed for your mail server XMission's SpamCatcher service blocks spam and viruses, as well as providing a backup mail queue (up to 8 days) in the case of an outage: https://wiki.xmission.com/SMTP_Spam_Filter

Network Edition Components

You may wish to install additional Zimbra components that aren't available in the Open Sorce Edition. You'll want to select those after the above prompt.

Completed Installation

At this point, it will proceed like a normal Zimbra upgrade. Once completed, you may to log in to the Admin Interface and activate the license if this didn't happen automatically during activation. After that, you are done!

Buy Zimbra Licensing

XMission is an established Zimbra VAR and Gold Partner offering all level of Zimbra licensing and services: https://xmission.com/licensing Contact us with questions or to receive a quote.