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“XMission rocks!”

No More Homeless Pets is a nonprofit coalition of Utah-based animal rescues, shelters and veterinarians. Launched in July of 2001, the organization focuses on eliminating the euthanasia of homeless pets and promoting humane alternatives for feral cats. In addition to this, the organization provides low cost spay and neuter services, and raises public awareness of pet adoption opportunities through a multitude of service and recognition programs.

From its beginning, No More Homeless Pets received thousands of animals into its network. And, each year, these numbers continued to grow. In order to accommodate and effectively help the rising number of homeless pets in its charge, the organization selected the Internet as its vehicle to reach as many advocates, partners, sponsors and potential clients as possible. But it faced a challenge in taking its operation to the Internet. Though headquartered in Salt Lake City, many of the organization’s partners were scattered in different locations. Consequently, the task of routing users in different locations through a single IT infrastructure was looking to be a potentially complex and expensive endeavor.

That’s when No More Homeless Pets turned to XMission.

XMission provided No More Homeless Pets with flexible and cost efficient web site hosting, Internet access and email access. XMission also helped the organization to establish and maintain its network operations, and resolved issues in setting up remote access for all of its partners – regardless of location – in a seamless and cost-efficient manner.

“XMission is very responsive in their customer service and technical support,” explains No More Homeless Pets program director, Stewart Gollan. “They not only helped us with initial technical issues, but helped us tackle some big jobs like coding hard IP and setting up our remote access network.”

Since teaming up with XMission, No More Homeless Pets has provided thousands of homeless pets with an online advantage that’s not only effective, but cost efficient. The results have been a substantial increase in adoptions, spay and neuter surgery services, and a notable decline in euthanasia cases.

“Because of XMission, we’ve been able to realize substantial cost and time savings in managing our IT infrastructure,” adds Stewart. “This leaves us with far more time to focus efforts on where they belong: helping homeless pets. XMission rocks!”