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“XMission is a very competent, privately-held family company…. I like that.”

Since 1932, family-owned and operated Reuel’s has been Salt Lake City’s hub for art supplies, drafting supplies, and picture frames. With three retail storefronts and a 38,000 foot warehouse located in the heart of the city, the company has long been considered as a focal point of creative professionals and hobbyists, and has set a benchmark for quality, service, and selection.

Keeping up with the times has never been a problem for Reuel’s. Time and again, the company has demonstrated that, as its customers’ needs became increasingly sophisticated, Reuel’s could evolve to meet their demands. And so it was only natural that, as online commerce became an exciting new means of conducting business, Reuel’s took its retail operations to the Internet with the goal of providing the same high quality of service and selection to the global marketplace.

While there were many publicly-held Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to choose from during the mid-1990s, Reuel’s turned to XMission in 1994 to establish and maintain its online presence. XMission provided Reuel’s with reliable co-location, web site development, Internet access, and email services, in addition to effective targeted mailing list options to reach the right customers with the right product offerings.

“XMission was very helpful in helping us start up our web site operations,” explains Reuel Ware, the owner of Reuel’s. “It is a very competent, privately-held family company and is very accessible to me. I like that.”

Today, Reuel’s offers more than 33,000 items through its web store with a customer base that extends around the globe. What’s more, Reuel’s has found that creating an Internet storefront has done far more than simply expanding its market reach—it has enhanced its local business as well, providing local customers with additional shopping options.

“The site actually enhances our business on both local and global levels now that customers can shop online and come into the stores,” adds Reuel. “We’re more accessible to them than ever before.”