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Today we switched to XMission and (as I expected), nothing could have been more smooth, and the people could not be more helpful. The entire transition was under 30 minutes and so easy. Thanks for all you do. You guys are STILL the best ISP in all Utah.

Ok, here we are two years after I made this post via email to the xmission customer support. We were ?oving my dad off qwest+msn and on to Xmission because Xmission understands the net, not the computer. (Dad has a Mac, not Windows)

As a "cost cutting measure", dad dropped xmission for another company that promised bundled tv, phone, and the net for an irresistable price. I actually talked to him in depth, then to the installer. I pointed out that my dad was their client not mine. If I get a service call, ill bill them.

Well, that bundle isn't working so great. He has had phone out, tv out, and internet out. They get it back up for my octogenarian dad, but the reliability is not there.? I did ask:Dad? How often in the last 6 months has at least one of yo bundled services been down?

Dad: I don't know, maybe once every week or two.

Me:Dad? How many times was xmission down in the last two years?

Dad. Well, I don't think I ever noticed but they did do something once send sent me an email about it.

Dad? I'm happy you saved money, but did you really if you are paying for unreliable services you may not get reliably?

For Me? I'm stickin with xmission up to and through my conversion to utopia. It isn't negotiable