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XMission has a simple web counter that all customers can use. This counter eliminates the need to write or download scripts to show a visitor count on your web pages.

Text counters are easily applied by using a simple line of code to the web page you wish to add a counter to. The text of the counter can be manipulated with some simple command flags to change the face, style, and color.

For example, this code:

<img src="">

Creates this counter: <img src="" />

and this more complicated code:

<img src="">

Produces this basic counter:

<img src="" />

You will need to modify the "username" value in the string, with "username" being your XMission username, unless you have web hosting with us, in which case you could use your virtual host name (i.e., The value simply enables the counter software to track the number of unique hits to your specific site. NOTE: if you want to your counter to show a unique number of hits to each page of your site, be sure that each page has a unique value (e.g., "username1" and "username2").

This counter is called Count 2.5. We recommend that only the most technical or adventurous use anything but the default example above or one from our Counter Examples page.