XM Cloud Duplicate a Server - Create an Image

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Duplicate a Server - Create an Image

  • You can use images to quickly and easily deploy new servers. An image is the exact copy of a server — that is, it has the same hardware and software configuration as the original server.
  • To create a new image from a cloud server, do the following:
  • On the Nav Bar, click Cloud Infrastructure.


  • Click the name of the server you want to use as the basis for creating the image.


  • Click the Create Image button.


  • Specify a name for the image in the Image Name field, and type its description in the Description field.


  • Click the Create-button.png button.

  • If the server is running, it is automatically stopped for the time necessary to create the image and then started again.
  • Once the image is created, it appears in the table on the Images page.