XMission Converts to 100% Renewable Energy

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Salt Lake City, UT (November 13, 2007)–XMission, Utah’s largest independent Internet service provider, recently announced its upgrade to 100% renewable energy through Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program. This conversion makes XMission the first Internet service provider in Utah to purchase green power equal to its entire electricity use.

"As one of Utah's top consumers of electricity, I am proud that XMission is setting the example for other businesses. You can eliminate pollution from your business and be economically viable,” said Pete Ashdown, President and founder of XMission.

As a “Visionary” top-level participant, XMission purchases 2,826 blocks of renewable energy each month from sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal—enough to completely offset its carbon footprint. XMission’s Blue Sky purchase will result in the avoidance of 3,391 tons of CO2 emissions annually: the equivalent of planting an additional 1,332 acres of trees or not driving 7.26 million miles each year.

"Working with Rocky Mountain Power on their Blue Sky program has generated tremendous positive feedback from our customers,” said Ashdown. “Doing this makes business sense and I am proud to fuel the demand for clean, renewable, and safe power generation." According to Ashdown, XMission business and residential customers will not see any change in their service or increase in their bill due to the upgrade.

“XMission has always provided Podfitness.com with a high level of technical service. Their conversion to go green just gives us one more reason to stand behind them,” said Benjamin Edmund, Director of Network Systems for Podfitness. "In the health and fitness industry it's important to be environmentally conscious. Now, we can advertise that our website actually runs on 100% renewable energy."

With this recent upgrade, XMission has increased its renewable energy purchase by 412%. In addition to its participation in the Blue Sky program since 2006, XMission has implemented green standards in its own data center. These improved standards include upgrading equipment and increasing efficiency of power and cooling systems.

XMission also participates in Salt Lake City’s e2 Business Coalition, which helps Salt Lake area businesses reduce their carbon footprint and encourages earth-friendly business practices, such as recycling, efficient lighting, and other measures.