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Most Current Version

For the most current version be sure to visit - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/download

  • Once you install Thunderbird it will launch. You may see the below image - if you want Thunderbird to be the default email application choose Set Default


  • Next you might see this screen here you should choose Skip this and use my existing email


  • Next enter your Name, Complete email address, and your Password. Be sure to check the box to Remember password


  • After you click Continue you will see an option for Manual config click there to manually configure our setup.


  • You will see the following screen:


  • The following is set up using our Recommended Settings
  • Incoming server
    • IMAP - we recommend IMAP however you can choose POP3
    • Server hostname - mail.xmission.com
    • Port - 993
    • SSL - SSL/TLS
    • Authentication - Normal Password
  • Outgoing server
    • SMTP - This cannot be changed
    • Server hostname - mail.xmission.com
    • Port - 465
    • SSL - SSL/TLS
    • Authentication - Normal Password
  • Username
    • Incoming: - your email address without the @xmission.com
    • Outgoing: - your email address without the @xmission.com

  • Click on Done and you are now all set up - you can test by sending your self a test message.