XMission Greatly Expands Network to Better Serve Businesses

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Salt Lake City, UT (October 07, 2008) - XMission Internet recently completed significant upgrades to its network capacity. With these upgrades, XMission has increased its aggregate bandwidth to 13.15 Gigabits making it one of the largest diverse carrier networks in the Rocky Mountain region.

“With this latest upgrade to our Internet capacity, XMission has more than quadrupled its ability to provide Internet bandwidth to our subscribers,” said XMission founder and President Pete Ashdown. "Internet bandwidth needs continue to climb and I am committed to surpassing the expectations of my customers.”

Increased capacity allows XMission to offer even more competitive pricing on business services, provide better redundancy, and accommodate additional high-bandwidth customers, according to Ashdown.

“XMission has quietly operated as a premier network in the region for years,” said Ashdown. “Moving ahead, we plan to sell connectivity at Gigabit levels and help businesses to benefit from our outstanding network.”

XMission's multi-Gigabit network currently includes the following carriers: Verizon Business (UUnet), Global Crossing, Level 3, XO Communications, and nLayer Communications. XMission also has a Gigabit connection to the UTOPIA Community MetroNet™.

According to Brad Mertz, Vice President of Network Architecture, XMission has been strategically upgrading its network to multiple GigE connections to the Internet during the last two years. “With this completed, our next step is to upgrade our GigE upstream connections to 10 Gigabit, with nLayer being the first,” said Mertz. nLayer is in markets spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, maintaining over 900 Gigabits per second of interconnection capacity with other Internet networks.