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XMission Mobile Voice App

The XMission mobile voice app gives you access to your voice service on the go. You are able to turn your WiFi and/or Cellular serviced Smartphone or Tablet into your home phone from anywhere in the world. In order to use the XMission Mobile Voice it is required you have a valid and active voice subscription. The quality of service is dependent upon your WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE/5G service, and XMission can not guarantee service in roaming or edge service areas.

Install App

The XMission Mobile Voice App is only available on Apple iOS and Android devices. To install the app, search for XMission Voice or tap on the respective link below:

  • Apple iOS - IOS App Store.png
  • Android - GooglePlay Store.png


Once installed, launch the voice app. If the app asks for permission to access your location, please allow it. This enables the app to gather information about the ambient wifi network.

After all app permissions are allowed you will be presented with a login screen:

MobileVoice login.png

You will log in with the same credentials as you use for our Voice Portal. The Login Name is your phone number and password set up from your welcome email. (If you have not requested access to our Voice Portal please contact XMission Support.)

After your first login you'll be prompted to allow some additional permissions. These permissions are optional, however the app may not work fully if you deny some or all of the permissions.

MobileVoice Notifications.png MobileVoice LocalNetwork.png MobileVoice Siri.png
Notifications - Required to notify you of any incoming calls, messages or alerts from XMission. Connect to devices on your local network - Allows multiple mobile devices to sync together. Use Siri (iOS Devices) - allows you to use "Hey Siri"
MobileVoice Contacts.png MobileVoice Microphone.png
Access your contacts - Allows the app to use your mobile devices contact list already stored. Access to the Microphone - Required access.

How to use XMission Mobile Voice

MobileVoice Menubar.png

Along the bottom of the screen you have 5 menu options:

  • Contacts - Access your digital contacts stored at call.xmission.com as well as your phones contact list.
  • Voicemail - Access your voicemail
  • Chat - Use to chat with someone at home logged into the XMission Voice Portal
  • Call History - The call logs for your XMission Voice usage
  • More
MobileVoice Menubar More.png
  • Answering Rules - Allows you to see what are your current answering rules.
  • Greetings - Your voicemail greeting recordings.
  • Settings - Mobile App Settings
  • About - App Version
  • Log out


The contacts button will allow you to view contacts you have added, created or imported via the Voice Portal. If you provided permissions to allow access to your device contacts you'll be able to view your saved contacts list.

MobileVoice Contactsbutton.png

  • My Contacts - Switch between your online and phone contact lists.
  • Search - will search both your online and phone contacts.
  • Sort - change the order that your online contacts are listed.
  • Add - will add new contacts to your online contact list.


The Voicemail button will let you listen to your current voicemails as well as save or delete messages.

MobileVoice VMbutton.png


The XMission Voice Portal allows for you to use a Instant Message feature between your home computer and mobile device.

MobileVoice Chatbutton.png

Call History

The Call History button will display all the call logs wether they are made from your phone or mobile app. You will be able to filter your history by:

  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Missed

MobileVoice Historybutton.png


  • Answering Rules: This will have to me managed online from our Voice Portal. Using the mobile app you can not create, edit or delete rules.
MobileVoice Answerrules.png
  • Greetings: This will let you listen to your current Greeting, you are able to create, edit or delete your greetings.
MobileVoice Greetings.png
  • Settings: Will provide a quick forward to your cell phone and allow you to turn off mobile data usage. If you turn off Mobile Data Usage your device must be on WiFi.
MobileVoice Settings.png
  • About - App Version
  • Log out