XMission Takes Legal Action Against Spammers to Protect Customers and Network

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Salt Lake City, UT — January 30, 2015 Today, XMission Internet announced that it has secured legal counsel to begin pursuit of spammers through the court system. XMission started these proceedings in an effort to reduce the volume of unfilterable, junk email that impacts the XMission network and clogs customer inboxes.

"In addition to our exhaustive technical resources fighting unsolicited email, I am excited to engage this abuse with legal as well,” said XMission president and founder, Pete Ashdown.

The desired outcomes of XMission’s strategy include: Reduce unsolicited email to customer inboxes; Create a financial impact on spammers, thus reducing the amount of unsolicited email on the Internet; Impact case law and help establish further protections for everyone.

All current XMission email customers will participate by default. They will not incur additional costs as a result of these efforts.

XMission, as an established Internet provider, will leverage its rights outlined in the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003. This Act prohibits sending unauthorized email with header information that is materially false or materially misleading, and prohibits the use of deceptive subject headings. Additionally, CAN-SPAM regulates sexually explicit email messages.

For additional information, please visit XMission’s blog