XMission Voice Frequently Asked Questions

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What features are included?

All XMission Voice accounts include the following features:

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited local and national long-distance calls (in contiguous 48 states)
  • Savings on International long distance rates
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Mail—Leave and retrieve personal messages (Access code=* 98)
  • Voice Mail to Email—Access your Voice Mail from your email inbox
  • Call Waiting—Move between calls rather than sending calls to Voice Mail (Access code= FLASH KEY (* 70 to deactivate))
  • Call Forward—Bypass Voice Mail and send a caller to another number (Access code= * 72 + second phone number (* 73 to deactivate))
  • Selective Call Blocking—Prevent specific numbers from reaching you
  • Caller ID Block—Block your own caller ID number for your next outbound call
  • Last Call Return—Dial back the last caller (Access code= * 69)
  • Caller ID Block—Block your caller ID for all outbound calls (Access code= * 67 + outgoing phone number)
  • Anonymous Call Blocking—Prevent anonymous calls from ringing through (Access code= * 77 (* 87 to deactivate))
  • Busy Buster—Keep trying busy numbers without staying on the phone
  • 3-Way Calling—Allow another person to join your existing call (Access code= FLASH KEY + third party's number + when they answer, press the FLASH KEY once)
  • Other Features—Please call XMission to request and activate additional features
Will I save money?
That depends. You will save money by switching to XMission Voice unless you currently subscribe to phone service without any special features (like caller ID or call waiting) and you make no long-distance calls whatsoever.
Qwest Calling Features #1
  • Voice Mail—$7.95/month
  • Call Rejection—$5.00/month
  • Call Forwarding—$4.00/month
  • Caller ID—$8.50/month
  • Last Call Return—$3.95/month
  • Call Waiting—$6.50/month
  • Three-way Calling—$4.00/month
  • Unlimited Long Distance to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico—$25.00/month
  • Total:$64.90/month
What if the power goes out?
XMission strongly recommends that Voice customers purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure that they have telephone service at all times. Please contact XMission if you would like UPS recommendations.
What about 911 calls?
XMission provides reliable Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency access. Please note: if you change addresses you must immediately notify XMission. Because of the portability of XMission Voice, XMission must keep a current address on file at all times to ensure that emergency personnel can locate your residence.
Also please remember that you must have power and an Internet connection for 911 service to work. XMission cannot guarantee service in the event of a network or power outage.
Do I have to talk through my computer?
XMission Voice uses the same familiar telephone that you currently use. You can access a number of calling features using your computer, but you won’t have to keep your computer powered up to talk.
Do I have to purchase any special equipment?
XMission Voice includes all of the hardware you will require to begin making calls; however, XMission recommends that all customers purchase a UPS.
Do I have to purchase a special phone?
Unless you currently use a rotary dial phone, you should not have to purchase a new telephone.
Will my fax machine still work?
XMission Voice does not support faxing.
Can I receive collect calls?
XMission Voice does not support collect calls however there are some third party companies which can allow these calls to come through using a prepay service.
Does XMission Voice allow for analog phones?
Yes, in fact we anticipate that most people will use analog phones. Your phone plugs directly into an Analog Telephone Adapter (or ATA), which converts analog signals into digital signals for transmission over the Internet.
What happens to my phone service if the network fails?
Unfortunately, if network failure occurs, you will not have phone service. However, XMission has numerous monitoring systems in place to detect any possible glitches before they affect your service. We also communicate information to our customers about scheduled maintenance as soon as it becomes available.
How secure is XMission Voice?
XMission takes your security concerns very seriously, and we will happily discuss any issues about which you have questions. As with any phone service, or any information transmitted over the public Internet, XMission Voice has a degree of vulnerability to call interception.
When my number moves over to XMission Voice, will my voice messages move over too?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer voice messages between carriers. Please contact the carrier that you are porting over from to see if they can help you save your voice mail before your number is moved to XMission Voice.
What is the quality of your service?
XMission only rolls out superior services. We subject everything we offer to rigorous testing and won’t rush substandard services out to our customers. XMission backs up all of its services with award-winning 24/7 technical support, and we keep our customers informed of anything that might affect them: like upgrades, scheduled downtime, or changes in business hours.
Is XMission a stable company?
Yes. As Utah’s oldest and most trusted Internet service provider, XMission has the experience and stability needed to launch and maintain a successful digital phone service.