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Tutorial Video

Logging in

If you have not been given access to the Voice Portal please contact XMission Support to get your login provisioned. A valid Email Address is required to log in to our Voice Portal.

Visit call.xmission.com to log into the voice portal


Here you will log in with your phone number and the password you set up from your initial email.

Home Tab


  • Navigation bar will appear on top with areas of interest
  • The home screen shows you an over view of recent activity
  • Recent voicemail will appear on top
  • Recent call history will appear below any voicemail
  • Answering rules will appear on the right

Messages Tab


  • Messages Tab will show you recent voicemail messages that you may have.
  • You have the ability to change the type of message to display - New - Saved - Trash


Voicemail Settings


Disable Voicemail

Here you can disable your voicemail by unchecking the Enable Voicemail option.


  • You can also update your Voicemail Greeting by selecting one from the drop down or recording a new one.
  • You can also update your Recorded Name

Email Notifications

  • You have the option to send email notifications by selecting the option you want from the drop down menu.

Access your Voicemail while away

Dial your phone number and press * then your pin

Contacts Tab


  • This tab will show any contacts that you have setup or have received phone calls from and you have added to your contacts.
  • To add a contact click the Add Contact Button

Add Contact


  • Click on Add Contact from the Contacts tab
  • Here you can add a contact by filling out the form. First Name, Last Name, Work, Mobile, Home numbers and email.
  • Click on Save when you are done.

Import Contacts


  • Click on Import from the Contacts tab
  • Here you can browse your local machine for a Outlook CSV file, or Google or Apple vCards to import into your contact list.

Export Contacts


  • Click on Export from the Contacts tab
  • Here you can export your contact as a Outlook CSV format, or Google or Apple vCards

Answering Rules Tab


Adjust Ring Time

  • Under the Answering Rules Tab you will see Ring for ? Seconds - You can adjust this to what ever fits your needs.

NOTE if you have disabled your voicemail and want your phone to ring enough times for your own voicemail to pick up. Make sure to adjust this to about 60 seconds. This will give the system enough time to ring for your voicemail to pickup.

Allow / Block Numbers


  • Click on Allow / Block from the Answering Rules Tab
  • The left side is for Allowed Numbers. Add a number then click the + sign to add a number to your allowed list
  • The right side is for Blocked Numbers. Add a number then click the + sign to add a number to your blocked list.
  • To automatically block Anonymous or unknown numbers place a check in the check box. Then click Done.

Add Rule

  • After you have created a Time Frame, you can then add an Answering Rule.
  • Click Add Rule from the Answering Rules Tab
  • Select the Time Frame you created from the drop down.

NOTE If no items appear in the drop down menu then you have to create a Time Frame First. See the section below.

  • Select Enable to enable this rule
  • Chose the options you want for this rule


Do not disturb

  • Following the above directions
  • Check the box for Do not disturb
  • Click Save when done.

Call Forwarding

  • Following the above directions
  • Choose your desired choice for your call Forwarding. Most common is Always.
  • Then enter in the number you wish to forward you calls to. (It is required to include the 1 before the area code of the number you wish to forward to. IE 18019876543)
  • Click Save when done.

Time Frames Tab


  • This will display any answering rules you have set up.

Setting up a Time Frame

  • Click Add Time Frame from the Time Frames Tab
  • First you will need to give your Time Frame a name
  • Next Select When:


  • This will perform your take all the time with no restrictions
  • Click save when done


Days of the week and times

  • This will open up another window like below where you can select the days of the week and times.


Specific Dates or Ranges

  • This will allow you to select a specific date range to apply your call rules.


Call History Tab

  • The Call History Tab will show you all of your incoming and outgoing calls. Depending how busy you have been you may or may not see anything in here. However you can select the Filters button to adjust the date range.


Adjusting Call History Range

  • Select Filters Button under the Call History Tab
  • Select your From Date and your To Date - NOTE Limit is 30 days
  • If you know the number you are looking for you can put that in the Dialed Number field.
  • Call Type: Inbound, Outbound, Missed



  • In the upper right corner click on your name to edit your Profile Settings.


Update Name

  • You are able to update you First and Last Name and your Timezone
  • NOTE This does not affect your caller ID information


Update Password

  • You are able to update your Password for logging into the control panel and also your email address. You can also add additional email addresses.


Update Pin

  • Here you can set a new Pin for your voicemail

NOTE - your default pin is 1221



  • Select Webphone from the upper right corner of the Call Portal
  • This will open up a second window like the image below.


Dial Out

  • Clicking the keypad on the screen will open a dial pad to dial out
  • A Microphone and Speakers are required to use the Webphone.


Voicemail Tab

  • The middle tab will allow you to see any voicemail messages


Call History

  • The last tab will show you your current call history