XMission founder says SMBs have reason to be concerned about Privacy Policies

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XMission founder says SMBs have reason to be concerned about Privacy Policies

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, February 13, 2012 - XMission today urged small and medium business owners to carefully monitor the privacy policy changes of online vendors, particularly those who offer free business services like email and calendaring. According to XMission founder Pete Ashdown, "Customers should always be aware if their private information is sold or marketed by the businesses they have put their trust in."

Recently, some major Internet companies have changed their privacy policies to enable sharing of data between their divisions. "Even if they are paying for services, businesses must assess the privacy policies of third party vendors very closely, " said Ashdown.

According to Ashdown, businesses may want to avoid placing any sensitive information or valuable corporate intellectual property on non-secure websites or on social networking sites.

XMission offers a secure, hosted communication service, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, that provides email, remote storage, calendaring, collaboration, and task management. Businesses may want to consider this service, or others like it, as an alternative to online applications by large corporations who might not care about privacy and best interests.

XMission has a solid reputation for defending customer privacy, according to Ashdown. XMission's privacy policy, available at xmission.com/legal clearly states that all customer communication will remain private, and that XMission will never sell or share data with third parties.

According to Ashdown, a small, local company like XMission has less incentive to invade customer privacy for commercial gain. "You may not want to trust your business with a huge corporation. XMission will protect your privacy and your business."