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Zimbra Archiving

XMission Zimbra hosting now fully supports Archiving. Zimbra Archiving is an optional feature that enables archiving of messages that were delivered to or sent by Zimbra Collaboration.

Archiving is setup on a per/account basis. When this feature is enabled for an account, a copy of all email from or to that account is forked at the MTA and a copy of the message is delivered to their archive mailbox.

Zimbra archiving can be set up to create archiving accounts that are maintained within Zimbra Collaboration or to work with third-party archiving systems using SMTP forwarding to send messages to a third-party archive server. For third-party archiving, Zimbra Collaboration is configured to act as the forwarding agent.


The current rate of Archive licensed accounts is $1.50 per/month per/mailbox. Additional quota is $0.10 per/gig of anything above 20GB.

Enabling Archiving For Your Accounts

You can enable Zimbra Archive two ways:

Please contact our helpful technical support department anytime 24/7 by phone at 801-539-0852, toll free at 877-964-7746, or by Chat to enable Zimbra Archiving features for any of your accounts.

Or you, as an admin can also enable it yourself for users within your domain:

In Zimbra's admin interface,

  1. Search for the desired user you'd like to enable A&D for.
  2. Right-click their account, select edit
  3. In the left-hand column that features all their account options, select archiving and if their status displays "enable archiving: No" You can click on the button that says "Enable archiving"

You will also need to create the new target archive mailbox,

  1. Click "create" and it should automatically generate your new archiving account.
  2. Highlight that account in the list, and then click "Select"
  3. You should see the field "Currently archived to" be filled in with that newly created archive box. Save

After closing out of the account and when you search the user again, you should be able to see two entries in the search results; their regular account, and a separate archive account.

We recommend you verify archiving is working properly by sending a test message to their account, and then proxy the archive mailbox to ensure your test is dropped in there as well. You can proxy a mailbox by right-clicking on the highlighted account and selecting "View mail"

Retention for Archived accounts

Our mail retention policy remains the same even for archived accounts. If a archive mailbox is deleted, mailbox data will be purged 45 days after.


If you are trying to locate specific messages across accounts or domains, our helpful support staff is available to conduct a cross-mailbox search for you.

You'll need to submit a support ticket via email to support@xmission.com for a request of a cross-mailbox search. You can also head to Support Resource Center and under the section titled Other Useful Links click on Email Support/ Open Ticket

The criteria you'll want to include to our support staff when making this request would be anything that would help us get relevant hits in the search.

  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Potential dates of delivery
  • If the message had any attachments or not.

Please note that at this time cross-mailbox search requests will not be handled via phone and chat, only through an emailed support ticket.