Android Portable Devices with Microsoft Exchange

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Setup your Android device using the Microsoft Exchange email configuration to take advantage of the included ActiveSync benefits provided with your Zimbra Business Professional (Premium), Personal Email w/Zimbra ActiveSync, or Consumer Edition w/ ActiveSync ISP email account.

Some customers with Android devices may have better luck using the Microsoft Exchange configuration option found under Accounts in Settings or from inside the Email application, Settings, then choosing + Add account.

Using the ActiveSync protocol means the mail application will use Push technology, meaning the device will actively update data from the mail system, rather than waiting for you to fetch the data from the server manually. It may add a nominal amount of battery drain but most are willing to have very minor impact on battery life in exchange for the optimized experience.

Configuring Android device with Microsoft Exchange

Open Android device Settings



Select Microsoft Exchange

You will now see Microsoft Exchange Sign-in

EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter full email address here.

PASSWORD: Enter your email password

You can now select MANUAL SETUP or NEXT, either way you will be configuring a small number of settings


When selecting MANUAL you will be prompted with the following:

Remote security administration

The server must be allowed to remotely control the security features on your phone. CANCEL ALLOW


When selecting NEXT

Server settings

EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter full email address

SERVER ADDRESS: Enter server hostname

DOMAIN: Enter mail domain

PORT NUMBER: 443 <-- Leave this setting. Do not modify.


PASSWORD: Enter your password

Use secure connection (SSL): ( ON) Confirm slider set to ON position

Select NEXT

This will now verify your settings and take you to the next screen

Select items to sync: Email / Contacts / Calendar / Tasks

Sync schedule: Push

Email sync period: 1 week (Set to your preferred duration)

Select NEXT

ACCOUNT NAME: Enter your preferred description here. (Something like "My ISP email" or "My Exchange Mailbox")

Set as default account: ( slider) Set slider as preferred.

Select Next in top right of screen

Phone administrator: It will ask for rights to control settings. Select ALLOW

Security update

The security settings must be updated to use


Most Android phones will now place you in your mail application.

In the background your mailbox data will populate, as will all content for Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.

Exit the Email application

Check email and any other data sets that were configured during the configuration.

Notes: - Depending on size of message quota on the server it can take some amount of time for message to populate onto the device mail application. Contacts and Calendars may also take time to populate.