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Zimbra Cloud by XMission is a new Zimbra email platform hosted on Oracle Cloud Services and supported by XMission.

Zimbra Cloud can be purchased as a fully supported product or as a stand-alone service where the user self-supports using available online resources.

Zimbra Cloud is intended to be a one-size-fits-all model and is not as configurable as Zimbra 8.8.X or Zimbra 9.X however it does have offer 30 GB quota with extensive integrations and features appealing to the wider market in need of domain email services.

Product Pages

Login Pages

Online Zimbra Cloud Support Links:

User guide: https://zimbra.github.io/userguide/zcloud/userguide-zcloud.html

General help: https://info.zimbra.com/zimbra-cloud-email-help

Admin guide: https://admin.zimbracloud.com/support --> requires domain admin login credentials

Application settings: Zimbra Cloud General Application Settings

Understanding Support Plans

Business customers can choose from the following Zimbra Cloud support options as provided by XMission. Billable plans are charged for the total number of domain mailboxes. Support levels cannot be mixed and matched. Paid support plans have a minimum 90 day commitment before any downgrade is available.

  • Premier Support - Provides all mailbox holders with 24x7 phone and live chat support, unlimited email support tickets, and access to online support documents. $3 per mailbox
  • Admin Support - Provides email support tickets for up to two domain admins supporting the larger domain mailbox base, plus access to online support documents. $1 per mailbox
  • Trial Support - Provides access to online support documents and 4 email support tickets during trial period zimbracloudtrial@xmission.com $0 per mailbox
  • Online Support - Provided no support services. Customer will use online support documentation following the provided help links in the Zimbra Cloud user webmail interface and admin dashboard. $0 per mailbox

Overview and Features

Video overview of Zimbra Cloud: https://youtu.be/gjoc-0YHp-M

Subscribe to the Zimbra YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/zimbra/videos

Features: $2.95 per mailbox monthly