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Plesk Shared Hosting: Adding a Domain

You can create additional domains for use with your Shared Hosting account. First, ensure you are logged into your account at the Shared Hosting login page.

  • From the Control Panel, click on the "Websites & Domains" tab near the top of the screen.

Plesk tabs new.png

  • Click the "Add New Domain" button, below Websites and Domains.


  • You will be presented with the following options:


  • Blank Website - This is the default
  • Deploy using Git - Pull files from a Git repository
  • WordPress Site - Most Popular if you want to set up a WordPress site
  • Upload Files - If you already have your site complete you can choose this option
  • Node.js - A website running on Node.js
  • Import website - Import from another host

  • On this screen, fill in your domain name, A brief description of each follows the image.


  • Registered domain name vs Temporary domain name
    • It is recommended you choose Registered domain name
    • Temporary domain name will assign a randomly generated name that you can change later
  • Registered domain name: This is the name of your new domain.
  • Webspace: Where the domain will be hosted your primary domain should be listed here
  • Hosting Type:
    • Website Hosting- If you are designing a new website.
    • Forwarding - If you want this domain to forward to another
    • No Hosting If you only want the domain available for E-Mail addresses or DNS.
  • Be sure to click on Hosting Settings
  • Document root: This is the folder where you will build your new website. We recommend you name your folder specific to each domain.
  • Preferred domain: You can choose to have domain.tld or www.domain.tld or none.
It is highly recommended you create a separate rooted directory for each domain, as opposed to pointing your domain to a sub-directory.
  • Once you've entered the correct information for your new domain, simply click "OK." You will see the following text indicating your new domain has been created successfully!


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