Adding a Domain Forwarder

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Plesk Shared Hosting: Adding a Domain Forwarder

You can add a new domain name to forward to another domain or even a directory within another domain. First, ensure you are logged into your account at

  • From the Control Panel, click on the "Websites & Domains" tab near the top of the screen.

Plesk tabs new.png

  • Near the bottom of the screen, click the "Add New Domain" button.


  • On this screen, you will need to enter the following highlighted pieces of information. A brief description of each follows the image.


  • Domain name: This is the name of your new domain. In this example, we would be adding the domain ""
  • DNS Server Configuration: Most likely, you will be using XMission for DNS and so the box shown above should be selected.
  • Next fill in the Hosting Settings


  • Hosting Type: Select "Forwarding."
  • Destination address: This is where the new domain will forward to. You can have it forward either to another domain entirely or a subdirectory of another domain. In this example, our forward for "" will forward people to the subdirectory "example" at ""
  • Forwarding type: Select "Standard forwarding" if you want the URL in the address bar of the visitor's browser to show the real address of the forward (e.g. ""). Select "Frame forwarding" if you want the forward to appear as the domain you are adding (e.g. "").

  • Once you've entered the correct information for your new domain, simply click "OK." You will see the following text indicating your new domain has been created successfully!