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About XMission Voice

For fifteen years, Utah residents and businesses have trusted XMission to provide them with the highest-quality Internet services available; now, we feel privileged to offer you multi-featured, reliable phone service paired with the friendly, responsive customer support you deserve.

Unlike traditional phone companies, XMission has employees ready to assist you 24/7 from our local, Salt Lake City office. Because we thoroughly test all of our services--and use them ourselves--we know that you will have a positive experience with XMission Voice. However, if you do require help at any time, please feel free to contact our technicians via phone, email, or chat. You won't wait on hold for hours, and we won't leave your issue unresolved.

With XMission Voice, you receive the best features of traditional phone service plus several exciting new features available only through Voice over IP technology. You can access features by either entering access codes using your touch-tone phone, or by accessing the VoIP Phone Features located inside our customer portal at https://call.xmission.com

If you would like more information about XMission Voice, please contact our Sales department at 801-539-0852, 1-877-XMISSION or use our Livesupport chat. Sales is available Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Please note: XMission Voice is not compatible with alarm systems. You will need to keep your POTS land line for alarm service, or contact your alarm provider to see if they can upgrade your system with newer wireless equipment. Also, we are unable to guarantee that XMission Voice service will work properly with any device which utilizes a modem for communication, such as set top boxes (Tivo, satellite receivers, etc), home security systems, medical alert and monitoring systems, TDD, and fax systems.

XMission Voice Support